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Nipple Piercings and the Long Haul

Originally posted on The Pierced Consumer:
As I said in the last post, nipple piercings are great all around body piercings.  (Note:  this is “part 2”– see previous post for more general info.) True to the old piercing adage, “If It Protrudes, Pierce It,” they stick out, are conveniently located for admiration and play, enhance…

One-sided goodbyes are the worst. Not-seeing your face one last time is not the end I was foretold.

COSMIC LATTE Hex triplet: #FFF8E7 RGB: 255, 248, 231 CMYK: 0, 2.7, 99.6, 0

I still don’t think this will make sense. in the end.

PISTACHIO Hex triplet: #93C572 RGB: 147, 197, 114 CMYK: 25, 0, 42, 23

All this heat is just the earth calling forth the rain.

PALE TAUPE Hex triplet: #BC987E RGB: 188, 152, 126 CMYK: 0%, 19.1%, 33.0%, 26.3%

I saw the sky today, I thought I saw you. Maybe one day when you see the sky you’ll see me with you.

PERIWINKLE Hex triplet: #CCCCFF RGBB: 204, 204, 255 CMYK: 0.20, 0.20, 0, 0

For what once was lost shan’t ever be found, there’s no need for stratagem, there’s no need for guile.

SPACE CADET Hex triplet: #1D2951 RGB: 29, 41, 81 CMYK: 64, 49, 0, 68