Your Real Love Is The One You Hurt

“I trust your love enough to know that it will weather the storm of my shitty selfishness.”

Thought Catalog

We all have a certain amount of venom in us. We save it up here and there like a very frugal snake, waiting to release it on the targets we deem acceptable. It accumulates throughout our days, with every slight from a rude stranger in the metro or insult from an acquaintance or stab in the back at the office. And there are plenty of people whose love for us is conditional enough that it would not withstand our venom, or it would return our cruelty tenfold in a way that they have already demonstrated they are capable of. We have friends around whom we tiptoe because they only accept a very limited range of our emotions and our needs.

And then we have friends — or family, or lovers — on whom we feel free to unleash the full force of our ugliness when they upset us just enough…

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