Top 10 Best Outfits In Disney Films

Thought Catalog

10. Vanessa (human Ursula) and Prince Eric’s wedding outfits.

Watch out, Wills & Kate! It’s all about Vanessa & Eric! Come to think of it, I see your wedding gown inspiration, Kate. The loose, long brown hair? The long sleeved white dress? Admit it, Kate. You just want to be… PART OF HIS WORLD. YOU WANT THINGAMAMABOBS? HE’S GOT TWENTY! Ariel had a fantastic pink dress, no doubt, but Vanessa’s wedding ensamble takes the wedding cake (I know, that one hurt me just typing it) and it’s mostly because of that gorgeous hair and sinister look. Say yes to the dress indeed!

9. The hooded cape that Belle wears for about eight seconds in Beauty and the Beast.

This hood is so fierce. It’s a maroon color with what appears to be a white fur trim. Belle wears it when she and Beast are singing about how there’s like, something…

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