A 20-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From August, 1971

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Monday, August 2, 1971

A sunny and cloudy day. When I got on campus this morning, I saw Timmy’s unmistakable skinny little figure. After we exchanged greetings, he told me that he left Scott and their friend Morry in Los Angeles and arrived at 1:30 AM today at Kennedy.

Timmy told me, Elspeth and Father Reagan about their cross-country adventures. Their car broke down twice, they went hungry a lot, they were ripped into and they ripped things off, with Timmy getting away with a federal rap on the wrist for stealing steaks at Yellowstone. They met a lot of freaks and a lot of people who hate hippies.

It was interesting, but of course, Timmy has a tendency to go on and on.

In Art, we saw sculpture by Rosso and the paintings and woodcuts of that weirdo, Edvard Munch. After class, I sat in front of LaGuardia with…

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