Everyone I’ve Had Sex With

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Adam: I had a big fixation on him that lasted all of high school. It happened my first year of college, on leap year, 2004. I’m glad it was him, I was a little drunk so I don’t remember feeling that self-conscious during it, but afterwards I did. It hurt, but in an exciting way. There were a lot of awkward moments. I weighed a lot then, probably 165. We used a condom, it was strawberry flavored, and my underpants said “POW!” on them like a Roy Lichtenstein. One of the best kissers. It was at a party which raised money for a hard cider home brewery. I bled on the sheets and he got them cleaned. Nice person. Terrible ex-girlfriend who he was still in love with. I was convinced that this ruined my life for awhile, but I don’t feel that way anymore.

Jake: I also…

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