8 Wikipedia Articles That Will Ruin Your Day

Thought Catalog

Step into my k-hole.

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Okay, What. The. Hell. Happened?!?

A group of experienced Russian hikers disappeared on a skiing trip. Their camp was discovered with tents ripped open from the inside, bodies half dressed (in winter, in Russia) and stained orange and with massive internal injuries that could not have been caused by other humans—as if they had been in a car crash. The final verdict was that the hikers died of a “compelling natural force.” Never has something so vague been so terrifying.

List of Unsolved Problems in Philosophy

I don’t know how you can be bored in 2013. Thanks to being able to read shit on my phone I haven’t been bored in over three years. If you feel yourself gaining a level of disinterest with the world, browse this list. Feel your productivity slipping away for the rest of the day.

Ed and Lorraine…

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