19 Reasons To Avoid Relationships In Your 20s

Thought Catalog

1. There are barely any jobs to begin with, so you have to focus as much as possible on a career to make yourself competitive today (because if you’re not doing it, someone else will). If it means working unpaid internships during the day and server jobs in the evening, there is no need to complicate your already non-existent schedule with a relationship.

2. This is the time where you are most free to travel the world, if that’s what you want to do, and it’s going to be pretty strenuous on any relationship to remain together while one person goes and does it all and the other one stays at home. (Unless you can travel together, but that seems pretty financially impossible.)

3. A lot of your decisions are still very selfish, and you haven’t fully cut yourself off from occasionally needing your parents’ help for things. You feel…

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