11 Signs You May Be Depressed

Thought Catalog

Sometimes life blows for no apparent reason, which happens to pretty much everyone – it’s not hard to fall into a funk when you’re tired or burned out or frustrated. Sometimes, though, life blows for no apparent reason much harder and longer than usual, and you don’t really notice things are getting bad until you wake up one day a shadow version of your former self. And that’s when you realize what you’re experiencing may be more than just a funk. Here, a non-comprehensive list of indicators that things may be neurochemically off. (A few, you’re probably okay. The whole list, well…)

1. Most of your day is spent horizontal, and not in a fun way.

2. People invite you to do things and half of your brain is like “Yeah, I should probably get out of the house for awhile” while the other half is like “Lol who are…

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